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    Cigar City Sec Meetup

    1919:JanJan -2222:JanJan
    Cigar City Brewery
    3924 W Spruce St, Tampa, FL 33607, United States


    CitySec is an unaffiliated collection of informal meetups for like-minded security professionals. CitySec groups meet to discuss topics of interest in a non-work, non-vendor setting; preferably while drinking.

    CitySec meetups are like any other professional society meeting, except:

    • There’s no professional society
    • There’s no membership
    • There’s no dues
    • There’s no cover charge
    • There’s no corporate sponsorship
    • There’s no vendor pitches
    • There’s no requirement to RSVP
    • There’s no fixed agenda
    • They’re publicly announced and open to all